The Bananagrams Game – A Fun Yet Educational Toy to Buy This Christmas

Sep 24, 2022 Uncategorized

It is always a challenge shopping for children, especially if you are trying to find a toy that is fun yet educational. Well there is a new toy in town. It is called the Bananagrams game. This is a word game that is fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

The Bananagrams game comes with 114 letter tiles within a little banana purse. Sound familiar? In fact at first glance this game will remind you of the popular Scrabble game. However do not be fooled as they are very different games.

The first major difference is that each Bananagrams game letter is worth only 1 point, unlike the Scrabble game where letters like Q and X are worth more than As and Es. By doing this has made all the letters equal.

The other difference between the games สล็อต is that the Bananagrams does not need to be played on a board. It can be played on any level surface, like a desk. This takes away from the competition of trying to block out certain spots.

It is because of these differences that make this game easier as the lack of variations in numbers and a board reduces the need for strategic planning. Which means anyone can play the game and have fun.

It is a really small game which makes it easy to carry around. It will easily go with you on any family outing. This game can literally be played anywhere.

Because it is a word game, Bananagrams is a perfect choice as an educational kid’s toy for children of all ages. It will definitely help to improve on one’s spelling. Both adults and kids can have fun with it.

When you are preparing your list of things to buy this Christmas, make sure to add the Bananagrams game. You and your loved ones will surely find it fun.